The pages below feature work I've done with old cameras. There is also some history of each model.

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Spartus Super RI

Phot Tak Foldex 20

Anscoflex II

Genos Rapid


Vredeborch Felica

Sawyers Nomad 620

Pouva Start

Rolleiflex 3.5


Rollfix Jr.

Hollywood Reflex

Agfa Isola

Canon FTBn


Coronet Captain

Vrede Box


Coronet Ambassador


Kiev 4M

Coronet Twelve - 20

Goldammer - Goldixette

Wales Baby - by Crestline

Contax-S (You must believe in Spring)

Mansfield Holiday - Skylark

1960 Kiev 4

1952 Kiev II

1 1

The Robi

Lubitel 166B

Praktica LB2 and Tessar

Bell and Howell Electric Eye !

Scout 120 and Joe Jackson

Praktica FX3 and the coming of fall

ConSol, Tessar and Knights Pond

Winpro 35


Eastar in October

Brownie Twin 20

Anscoflex II

Super 75 and old film