The pages below feature work I've done with old cameras. The pages also feature a bit of the history of each model

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Ansco Admiral

The Imperial

Alka Box

Vredeborch Felica - Autumn in New England


Canon Ftbn

Zeiss Ikoflex

Bilora Bella

Agfa Click II


Spartus 620

Ultra Fex

Herbert George Stylex

Dacora Daci Royal




Ricoh Diacord

Hasselblad and Distagon

Rolfix Jr Deluxe

Wembley Sports

Vitessa - T


Color Clipper

Seagull 205


Fish-eyed Contax - s

Empire Scout

Sabre "620"

Retina Reflex III

Zorki - C

Chocolate argus - 75

Ansco - Craftsman

Ftb from long ago

Kodak Retina IIc

Brownie Flash Six-20

Photax - M.I.O.M.

TIME freebie

Spartus 120

CLIX 120 Elite

Mamiya DSX1000B


Empire 120

Holiday Flash

Moscow - 5

The brick

Spartus Full-Vue

Kodak Retinette 1A

Kodak Signet 35

1952 Kiev


Soligor reflex

Vredeborch Reporter Junior II

Canon FD 20mm and AE-1

Agfa Gevabox

Tanit - 127 dreams

Uniflex II

Yashica Lynx 1000 in the heat

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