More found film

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Miss Pete

You OK, kid ?

Broken Rediflex

                                                                                                       Men and Women

Brownie Holiday Flash

                                                            Agfa Ansco Readyset

No. 2 Hawkeye Jr.

Barnyard Love

Crime spree                                                           Plenachrome in a box of junk

Granny in an Argus 75

Bringin' in the hay.

Well used Agfa Pioneer

Pathescope movies.

Dogs, cats people and an airport

One frame. Many questions.

More hay

                                                                                                                       Brownie Hawkeye Flash

Brownie Holiday Flash and men 

Cats, Christmas trees and unknown
people in your family album.             

                                                                                                                                                                                Bad Day Trip

Gertie's here !!!  

                                                                                                                                                            Murder and grabass

Roy Orbison and Don Dafoe


The old up and down

A Brownie Hawkeye Flash Christmas

Sunbeam six twenty

Another Hawkeye Christmas

Brownie Starflex

Argus 40

Potato salad

Verichrome and a teacher

Unknown cameras

Craig S.

Ever been to New York ?

From England to North Dakota

Treasure trove

More "Treasure Trove"

More "Treasure Trove"

Oink no more

Dear Sir

Rolls 7 & 8 Treasure Trove


Roll 9 from Treasure Trove
"In the shape of a heart"

Blur and lust


More from The Box of Mysteries

Uncle Joe

Agfa Box 44

Official Girl Scout 620

Greg's party

Men with gas

Iowa Christmas

Two cameras

The Shell Factory and stuff


Low percentage business

Birthdays and loose women

Mickey Rooney in Spain

A Panda from Virgina

Scary Aunts

Fluffy skirts and stuff

Two folders and their secrets

Mark's Canon F1

The Fizzies Caper

Toreador pants

Fish and fashion

Glamour ?

Brownie Starmeter - Diana and I don't know

Mom's film

More of Mom's film

Last of Mom's film

Box from the west

More from the box from the west

Savoy and Kodacolor - X

Same as before only different

Again, more of the same but different

And more from the same collection

Brownie Hawkeye Flash

Kodacolor X


Mystery VPAN

Oh ! Canada !

More of  - Oh ! Canada !


Lenexa Kansas #1

Lenexa #2

Champion PD-16

From Tucson, AZ

Herbert George - "Royal"

More from The Royal

Grandma's lost images

Grandma's lost images - part two

Grandma's lost images - part three

Grandma's lost images - end

OK. I made a mistake

Verichrome Pan from Indiana

From Oregon

Jennifer's Verichrome Pan

Lost in London

Caverns and caves

Satellite 127 (1)

Brownie Starflex

Satellite 127 (2)

From Millie (1)

Time and The Moon

Kodacolor-X and a  1963 Plymouth Valiant

Detective work