Captain America callin'

McDonald's bag at welcome sign

Americans are decent people for the most part, but we're in too much of a hurry to think. We're in a hurry to consume things. I don't know why so many of us have so little reverence for our land.

Motor oil and cup at Dunkin' Donuts drive through

I hate fast food establishments. They are a blight on the land. They push out local businesses and contribute to our shallow thinking. They have a right to exist but we have a right to avoid them.

Baby Ruth wrapper

Roadside trash abounds on American roads. For years I've tried to understand the mentality of those that produce it. Littering is a disrespectful act. An  intentional act. It seems premeditated and mean-spirited to me.

Coke bottle and pine needles

Early spring is a wonderful time for trash photography. The snow melts to reveal a plethora of  remains of crap consumed over the winter.


Lottery ticket

A common roadside find is losing lottery tickets. The moron that bought this one paid five dollars for a chance at millions. These are "scratch tickets." You don't have to wait long to find out that you didn't win anything. Then it's out the window.

Energy drink and brook

Water attracts litter. I guess it's kind of a target for the dullards that toss things out of moving cars. Hey, America has lots of water, right ?

Golden arches and my foot.

Heineken and Easter candy

Old versus new

Why do Americans do this to their country ?

Photos taken with a Contax S and Zenitar 16mm lens.