The 45C is a studio camera but I use it in the field. The camera, big old tripod and back pack I lug around weigh about twenty five pounds.

Using a full blow view camera is unlike all other photographic endeavors. There are knobs, levers, gears, tilts, swings, rises, falls. Many adjustments need to be done under a dark cloth so you need to know where things are purely by feel. Ha ! That's kind of racy.

To say that LF photography is a slow activity is pretty accurate.

90mm f4.5 Super Symmar in Recessed Board

Images are upside down on the ground glass.

Boulder and Icicles - Quabbin
Rear tilt. Front rise. Symmar.

Stick at Ice Edge - Quabbin

Neutral - Fuji 150mm

Storm Comin' - Quabbin
Rear tilt - Symmar

Ice Crack and Pine Cone
Symmar - Rear tilt

Dwight Chapel - 8/06
Front rise. Fuji 150mm

Kodak Tmax-100 in HC110 (b)