The Soviet Cmeha 35 (pronounced "smenha") is not a true toy camera but it's pretty close. It has estimate focusing  and five iris openings. The shutter speed is around 1/200 I think, as I used the "sunny 16" rule with ASA 200 film.

Approaching Thunderstorms


The photos above were done during an extended period of heat and humidity. Days like this sap your energy and make you crave relief.

Horse farm - Belchertown Center

Forgotten by all but The Flag Ladies

Acid rain is melting New England's grave stones. This old stone, which marks a military veterans resting place, is illegible.


When I get upset about some stupid thing life has dealt me, I try and remember that their are people that have experienced things that I cannot imagine.

Pine Consuming a Gravestone

Kodak Gold 200