Cemetery Visit with a Twisted Brownie Hawkeye Flash

Cold, sleet and blowing snow. The perfect day for a visit to a graveyard.

  I took a walk in the graveyard today
  to see what I might find.
   I walked atop of peoples graves
   but they didn't seem to mind.

I stood very still, right next to this stone
and listened to the sound.
Of rushing wind and hissing sleet
I felt the cold, all around.

People drove by me, warm in their cars
and stared at the man in the snow.
If they'd asked me why I was there
I'd tell them I didn't know.

I'm not looking for answers, no nothing like that
nor am I feeling sad.
I think I just wonder, about these dead
and what kind of life they once had.

Veterans of wars and mothers of peace
children that died at birth.
Sisters and brothers no different than us
each with his own unique worth.

Most unremembered, their families moved on
different graves but still all the same.
No faces, no stories, no possible new day
Some even have lost their name.

Noel is here and Thankful is too
Honor and Chastity sleep.
Among these old stones, just people like me
No one comes here to weep.

I felt the cold, stinging my hands
and went back to the warmth of my car.
I'm never too near, to this sad old place
and yet I'm never really that far.