The Belchertown State School once housed and educated some of Massachusetts' mentally retarded citizens. Its sprawling campus is still populated with buildings that used to support these efforts. The facility has been empty and locked up for decades. Recently, a few of the buildings have been opened. Some by vandals and others by contractors that are interested in "developing" the site.

The building above was once a theater. State School inhabitants and others participated in plays and musicals here.   Movies were also shown. A photographic tour of the theater is presented below.

Door to balcony.

Technical Notes:

Cameras used are pictured below.

Arista 200 color film
Arista EDU 100 Ultra (in HC110(H))

Interior exposure times 1/2 to 30 seconds.
Light provided by holes in the structure.

Photographs taken on 2/12 and 2/14, 2008