Summer 2010

Details - Hubbard Library - Ludlow, MA

Crown Graphic - Kodak Ektar lens and 6x9 film back
Arista EDU 200 (at ASA 200) in HC110 (h)

Photos are part of Wing Memorial Hospital project - Palmer MA


Baskets - Watertown, MA

Pig on a Radiator

Watertown, MA

Young People

Watertown, MA

Rolleiflex Automat MX-EVS
Arista EDU 200 (at ASA 200) in HC110(h)


A relative asked me to do some photographs of his wedding because he liked the look of some photographs I'd done of another relatives wedding.
I believe I used a Diana for that particular wedding.

How many wedding photographers ply their trade with such high quality cameras these days ?

Vredeborch Felica
Arista EDU 400 in HC110 (h)