Minh's Roll Film Polaroid

My Friend Minh, sent this camera to me for a trial run. It's a former Polaroid pack film camera that he converted to accept 120 film. It's a marvel of ingenuity.  The camera has a spring loaded pressure plate and a number of other handmade pieces. You can shoot 6x4.5, 6x6, 6x9 and 6x12 by using the masks Minh made. I'm not sure but I think the red windows are made from an automobile tail light !

The shutter whirs smoothly and the Kodak 105 stops down to f32. The camera is very light considering its size. While using this camera, I had a teenager ask me what it was. I said "It's a converted Polaroid camera." "It takes roll film." The kid looked blankly at me for a second or two and said "Oh."


Barn on Sabin Street - 6x12

North View From Quabbin Mountain 6x12

Farm on Rte. 181 (Frame advance error 6x12)

Arista EDU Ultra 400