My friend Minh converted this 1937 Kodak Senior Six 16 to take 120 film. The camera is in amazing condition. It's 70 years old !!!

It has a contrasty, f4.5, 126mm Kodak Anastigmat  lens.  and a smooth No. 2  Kodamatic shutter.

Big ol' pressure plate

Minh's custom made spacer. If I lived in Southern California, I'd take my truck to Minh's auto repair shop for service.

The first roll of film showed that the focus at infinity was off. Here's the scientific setup  I used to check the focus. Wax paper, tape and a loupe.

The lens actually focuses at infinity when it reads "10ft !"


I managed to get only three frames due to an error I made involving the "T" setting. It's too stupid to explain. I'll do better next time.

Holyoke Mountain Range

Arista 100 EDU @ ASA 50 in HC110(h) for seven minutes.