I borrowed a 6x7 rollfilm adapter for use with a Graflock equipped 4x5 recently.

I decided to shoot the same subject in 6x7 and 4x5 using different films for each format.

Why ? How the hell should I know.

Using the rollfilm adapter certainly isn't for those that like to shoot fast. You have to compose and focus on the 4x5 ground glass. Then you remove the glass and insert the adapter. You pull the dark slide and make the exposure.

The 6x7's were shot on Arista EDU Ultra 400 rated at ASA 160. The 4x5's were done with Ilford FP4+ rated at ASA 50.

Both films were processed in HC110(b.) The Arista shots were developed for four minutes. The sheet film for six to seven minutes.

Fuji f5.6 150. 6x7.

Same as above. I accidentally exposed this frame at ASA 50.

90mm Super Symmar - 4x5 with #25 filter.

90mm Super Symmar 6x7

90mm Super Symmar 4x5

Super Symmar 6x7

Super Symmar 4x5

Super Symmar 6x7

Super Symmar 4x5