Last summer, or the summer before, I bought a box of Kodachrome slides from a junk store.
That action doesn't fit with my plan to rid myself of junk as I approach senility. I just couldn't resist.
Not my usual "found film" but the spirit is still there.

The slides are carefully labeled and date from the early 1950's. I hope someone cared enough to get all these things scanned and placed on a medium
that will withstand the test of time as well as forgotten old Kodachrome.


Grandma and Grandpa - Pasadena, CA - 1953

Nearly sixty years after exposure the colors are beautiful and natural. Grandma wore a rose in honor of The Rose Bowl.
Grandpa wore a tie.

The Grand Marshall of the 1953 Rose Bowl Parade was Richard M. Nixon.

It seems to me that Richard Nixon, for whatever reason, ushered in the era of "The Laughable President." I've never been a fan of that movement but it exists.

When JFK was killed, America changed. Americans gave LBJ a break for a while but I think he knew what was coming when he decided not to serve.

Other notable GM's are listed below.

Shirley Temple (1939)
Bob Hope (1947)
Richard M. Nixon (1960)
President Dwight D. Eisenhower (1964)
Arnold Palmer (1965)
Reverend Billy Graham (1971)
Lawrence Welk (!) (1972
John Wayne (1973)
Hank Aaron (1975)
Kate Smith (1976)
Roy Rogers and Dale Evans (1977)
Gerald Ford (1978)
Lathrop K. Leishman (?) 1979
Lorne Green, Frank Sinatra, Lee Iacocca, John Glenn, Buzz Aldrin and Mickey Mouse. There were many more. You could look it up.

Hans Christian Andersen ?

I had a flat top haircut like the kid on the right. I don't have one anymore though. I think that's a big grapefruit on the float.

Max and Dorothy

Dorothy has a cup and Max has either a camera or a flask.


Sophomores and Freshmen - Pasadena College , 1953

Crazy time tug-of-war !

Main Street - Kanab, Utah 1953