The Holga is the ultimate junk camera in my opinion. Sure, you could make a case that the Dick Tracy sucks and no one would say you
were crazy if you picked the Diana or any of its variations. A look around this website will produce perhaps a dozen more
candidates but I'm sticking with Holga.

Light leaks reach monumental proportions within a Holga. I'll bet if you took pictures in an abandonded Siberian coal mine
at midnight, your photos would have light leak blobs all over them. Random vignetting appears and vanishes.

The back falls off even when the camera is sitting on a shelf. The strap snaps unsnap (say that five times fast) for no apparent reason. There isn't even the pretense
of a pressure plate and the films spools flop around unless you wedge them in with some folded up cardboard from a film box.

The  60mm f8 OPTICAL lens has many of the same optical characteristics of  a  Schlitz  Beer bottle except the  Schlitz  Beer bottle is faster.

1. of or involving light or optics
2. of the eye or the sense of sight; optic
3. (of a lens) helping vision

But the Holga produces interesting images. They are odd and dreamy, or nightmarish depending on your point of view.  Even common objects take
on a strangeness when passed through the OPTICAL lens. It's a good choice for doing some November 22nd photography on a dreary sad day in America's history.

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APX 400 in HC110(H)