The links below will lead you to many pages of my photographic work. My photos are done with a large variety of cameras. The cameras range from "junk" to professional, and everything in between.

Over the years  I've amassed a large collection of photographs made from films I've found in old cameras. I process these "found films" myself and present them here. They have never been seen by anyone before, including the photographer nor his or her subjects.

 Should you wish to purchase or license a print, I'd be delighted to help. If you're looking for a particular vintage camera or you are interested in one of mine, please get in touch with me.

Most photographs on this website are copyrighted by the webmaster. Permission must be granted for their use.

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If you've enjoyed my website and are so inclined, please contribute a dollar or two to cover the cost of webspace, film and processing
and the recovery of long lost films.

Thank you.


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