Belchertown State School
The Hospital

The "State School," as all the townies call it, was one of the places The Massachusetts Department of Mental Retardation sent those who had no funds to pay for private care.
The MDMR no longer exists but the bones of The State School still haunt the countryside.

The HOLGA is a legend of course. A train wreck of a camera. It's one of my favorites.

- - - - -

I don't know why this photograph of The Hospital turned out this way. I guess it's ghosts or something.

The buildings at The State School are all boarded up but many of them have been broken into.
The Hospital is one of those buildings.

The Hospital reeks of mold and misery.

The corridors all look the same. Room after miserable room. I wandered them armed with only a flashlight. It's dark inside The Hospital.

Arista EDU 400 in HC100(H)  - Hand held flash