Barry Thorton's "Edge of Darkness" is an important book for black and white photographers. It blows away most of your ideas about "sharpness" and how to get it.

"Sharpness" is not the prime goal in my photographic work. But I do like it, so I decided to give a pyro developer a try.
Attempting to achieve "sharpness" on a computer monitor is a questionable endeavor.  Computers don't like  angled lines. They give them the "jaggies" and  jpeg mathematics are not kind to your negatives. 

These negatives were processed in a Wimberly- type pyro developer. Exposures were based on readings take off a grey card. The film was Arista EDU 400 rated at ASA 400. Development was normal.

The negatives have a brown tinge to them.

All photos done with a Hasselblad 501 CM with 50mm Distagon