Hasselblad 501CM and 50mm Distagon

I spend so much time using simple cameras, that "real" cameras like the one above shock me a bit when I use them. They force me to slow way down and think about more than composition.  The 501CM is a bull of a camera. It's big and heavy. Especially with the Distagon mounted. It demands a tripod of equal mass.  It's a complex device and even the film loading procedure is an excercise in attention to detail.
I always lock up the mirror before shooting at any speed. The mirror slap is awesome and sounds like a triggered rat trap. The shutter, however, is quiet.
Even people that know little about cameras show interest in the Hasselblad. It's a beautiful piece of machinery. I often wonder what people think when they see me lugging this monster around on its massive tripod while a Diana flops around my neck.

The photos below are of The Old Harbor Lifesaving Station of Race Point in Provincetown MA. The day was bitterly cold and windy with snow squalls. The area was deserted and bleak. Just right.

Agfa APX 400 rated at ASA 200. Processed in WD2.