Kodacolor-X. Camera unknown.

An exposed roll of 620 Kodacolor film arrived from Virginia some time ago. I've been remiss in my found film processing
but I'm getting back to it.


  During my youth, which some say hasn't ended, I was a sucker for
girls that wore their hair in "bangs." In fact I still am.

 Singers like Sandie Shaw wore their hair like this. As did
Marianne Faithful. Cher did too but I don't think anyone
could seriously call her a singer.

I'd place the photo at left squarely in the mid-sixties. I'll
bet this lovely girl's favorite Beatle was Paul.

Is this the girl's date ?  Does he have a pack of smokes
in his shirt pocket ? Is that a Nehru collar ? Why the
wiseguy pose ? Why doesn't he have a party and invite
his pants down to meet his shoes ? Hell, why would anyone even
wear plaid pants ?

I swear I knew this kid in high school. He used to sit behind me
in math and make noises with his nose. I'm sure that's why I
suck at math.

This photograph and the one that follows were actually
the first two exposures on the roll. They seem to
be placed earlier in time than the ones above.

I believe I see family members here. Especially in
some of the women. The formality of the group
gives the photo a much heavier feel than the ones
preceeding. The books mean that this was a
serious group. Not to be taken lightly.

There's a package of cigarettes on the table and some
candy in a candy dish. If the candy sat uneaten for
long enough,  you could get a good dose
of nicotine along with your sugar
when you ate a piece.

Ah ! The good old days of Pall Malls, cheap candy and scary aunts.