Some Verichrome Pan made its way to Massachusetts from Indiana. Crossing miles and decades. Camera unknown.

That ain't Indiana.

I assume the photographer knew all these young women in their swimsuits.

My father used to film our beach vacations with an 8mm DeJur movie camera. Between scenes of me waving at the camera and frolicking
in the surf, there are short scenes of women in swimsuits. I assumed my father knew the women but now I'm pretty sure he didn't.

Bikinis used to be a big deal. Now they're as common as Bud Light.

I love fishing. I'm not a catfish guy but that's certainly a nice one. Step back junior. Catfish will swallow anything.

Catfish are excellent when deep fried. They are also among the world's toughest fish. This one is still alive in
in the photo and might be today.


Important photo always require two shots, in case one doesn't "come out."