Kodak Jiffy 620 Series II


Not a very remarkable camera and nothing I'd normally be interested in unless it has a possible time capsule inside it. The camera made its way to me from Philadelphia.

The film inside the Jiffy was in rough shape and most of it fell apart as I inserted it into the reel. The photos required extensive cropping and most were useless.

This gentleman made his fortune in the box trade I guess. His portrait was important enough to cause the photographer to come up with some sort of lighting as the Jiffy had no provision for any kind of flash.

Massachusetts is "The Bay State" and this looks like Boston's north end to me. I wonder if The Box King is inside that doorway.

The roll had three photos of this angelic woman on it. Two of them were badly damaged by age and were grossly underexposed. I think the photographer used the "B" setting for this remarkably timeless photograph.