KODAK Vigilant 620

1939 - 1949


I waited in this camera for fifty odd years.

While you fought with others.

And mothers shed tears.

You walked on the moon and lived in the sky.

Yet still do you hate.

And still do you die.

Light struck film and this image was made.

While war brewed around me, the world was afraid.

In Europe, The Pacific, soldiers did fall.

As they fought the one, that would, end it all.


At last I am free, my waiting at end.

How I did get here, I can't comprehend.

Scanned and placed for all the world to see.

Mankind is so clever, so how can it be ?

You still seethe with hate, you're all still the same.

Intolerant and ignorant, the world still aflame.

Can't I go back to that dark little place ?

And wait fifty more years, and not show my face.


Verichrome film in HC100(B) for 5 1/2 minutes