I ran three found film rolls through my sophisticated process today. Two of them had images on them. I don't know what cameras they came from. The Super-X was marked with a "?" The Plus-X was not. The other roll was 127 Verichrome. They were all from my collection.

Drying rack.


Aunt Martha loved to do "The Twist" under her favorite tree. Luckily, the miracle of photography captured her dance just before her back operation put her out of commission.

My mother had a purse like the one this pretty lady is carrying. It was the same color as our 1958 Pontiac Star Chief. It had a sturdy clasp made out of two brass balls. Inside, it smelled like cigarettes, chewing gum and that powder women used to flap on their faces.

There's a good chance that the folks on this roll of film are Tates. Today, lots of people are interested in their heritage. These guys were ahead of their time.

After a full day at the boneyard, it's nice to sink into the seat of a 1957 Desoto Firesweep.


  The plastic trash bags make this a "modern" photo. This lady, toiling in her garden was the only photo on the roll of Plus-X. "Honey, put that camera away and grab a rake."