Tucson Rescue

I'm a sucker for rescuing lost family films. This group came from Tucson, Arizona.

I'm familiar with Tucson and I like the place.

 - - -

The rolls were wrapped very tightly and the backing paper was stuck to the film. This is always a disaster of some proportion.

I washed the film prior to processing and some of the paper residue washed off the film but as you'll see, not enough.

The paper prevented the developer from working on the part of the film covered by it. It's a shame but decades of Tucson heat did a number on these old rolls.

 - - -

Despite the lack of clarity, these photographs will bring a rush of memories to the sender. Amazement that these people were once so young.

Historic site. Cimmaron, New Mexico.

Personal memories are not clear. They are amalgams of true recollations and photographs.

 "Long ago, it must be, I have a photograph. Preserve your memories, they're all that's left you."

-Paul Simon

When these photographs were taken the photographer couldn't have imagined how they'd be presented to the world and his subjects.

What a wonder....