Tower 51 (Sears) folder - c1955 (Photo by Beth)

Most likely built by Pho-Tak for Sears as it resembles their Foldex. It produces 6x9 images on rollfilm.
This camera contained an exposed roll of Kodak Verichrome. My internet friend Beth, sent the roll to me. She kept the
camera. Be careful Beth. Old cameras have a way of reproducing.

-Lovers With Ashtray

Great artists, like myself, always name their works. Although I didn't produce this work, I named it
for the artist.

Being a young man myself, I guarantee you that the youngster in this lost photo
couldn't wait for the photographer to get the hell out of the room.

I don't know if the kid in this photo is the same person as in "Lovers With Ashtray."
The shirt looks the same but the waist seems a bit tighter here.

That's not the same lady as in "Ashtray." It makes you wonder what was going on.
Were these kids swapping....shirts ?

I've seen my fair share of family photos and I've processed more found film
than you have. If there's one thing that both have in common
it's adoring photographs of children.

Why is this ? The answer is simple. Kids aren't adults. They haven't
lived long enough to get really screwed up.

We cherish them for that reason although we're only subconsciously
aware of it when we release our shutters.

- - - - - - - -

Kodak  Junior Six-20 Series II - 1937-1940

Sent to me by Mister Christan from Tennesee

If you rotate your monitor, you see what the viewfinder
in the photo above this one was showing, sort of.

I rarely have the foggiest notion as to the locations in my found films but I knew
where this was immediately. I probably stood on
the same spot as the photographer did that captured this
scene in Rockport, Massachusetts.

The scene is known as Motif 1 and it's been photographed and
painted many times. I Googled the color shots below.

If you look at the boat photo again, you'll see that the boat is named "New Horizons."
There's still a charter business running out of Rockport, MA that bears that name.
Here's the website. CLICK
I'll send Captain Bob an email.

The Viking. The Helen N and a big buoy.

"I think I advanced the film."

The wonders of digital technology have eliminated photographic disasters like this one.

Thanks to Beth and Mister Christan