Sunbeam six twenty c1950's Herold Mfg. Co.

There are about seven "Sunbeam" Cameras and even a Sunbeam Camera Corporation. And why not ? It's a great name for a camera. Pleasant and unassuming.

Nuts, bolts and screws.

I have no doubt that there are many thousands of old cameras with partially exposed films in them. I'm probably the worlds leading processor of these jewels. Most rolls are useless. Victims of treasure hunting yard sale vultures that open the cameras to see what's inside. When I get a roll with images on it, the shots are early on the roll. They are priceless lost remnants of unknown people, from a forgotten time. Handling the camera and the film that connects to these lost people, connects me to my past.

Camera source was a junk store in Albany, NY.
***** ****** ****** ******

  Someone gave thought to these photographs.  A significant event was occurring. Learning to tie your shoes is no small thing.

Mom is directing the shot from the right, while Dad is operating the Sunbeam six twenty that now sits on my shelf.

  The orientation of the shoe and foot was insignificant.  The kid had the right idea and parental love, well, you get the idea.

*** *** *** ***

  I have no idea how much time transpired between frames 1 and 3. It used to cost money to see your photos so cameras were put away until something cool happened. The kid is likely my age and the animal is a long ago hamburger or something.

Acetylene tank.