Kodak Startech c1959

The Startech was a special purpose camera designed for close-up dental and medical photography. It came with two close-up lenses and a special flash shield. I wonder what the flash shield was designed to protect ? Was it supposed to protect the bulb from errant body fluids ? Was it to protect the patients exposed body cavities from the occasional exploding flash bulb ?

The camera could focus down to four inches ! That little lever on the bottom switched between to iris openings. The smallest looks to be about f64.

The above Startech contained a roll of 127 size Kodacolor. The roll was on #11. As I processed the film in B&W chemistry, I wondered if I'd see some long lost medical shots from JFK's autopsy or simply some amazingly rotten teeth. I got neither.

Although some might see some resemblance to a body part, this is an orchid. The person that bought the Startech did so for just this application no doubt.

The flash is a bit "hot" here. I bet the orchid was seeing those flash spots for a while.

This looks like a greenhouse to me. I bet the photographer was a pretty serious orchid person. The rest of the roll is badly underexposed. I wonder if the orchid person went out and bought a high dollar SLR for his or her orchids.