This unremarkable box camera from around 1945 contained an exposed roll of panchromatic film from England.

A Man and his Tree.

There's some significance to this tree . Maybe this gentleman planted it years ago. Maybe his wife and he picnicked under it or maybe....

I think that's a dog with this lady and that's the favored tree on the left. The owner of the house in the background was building a submarine in his back yard.

I hate it when people overdress like this for a photograph.

This Spartus Full-Vue contained an exposed roll of Verichrome. I have my best luck with old Verichrome.

The entire roll was black except for this frame but it's a good one. I swear I knew all these people in 1960. These are brothers, sons, daughters, wives and sisters. Families are timeless.

Easter 2005 and the Brownie Flash Six-20

 The camera that took the three photos at the top of this page took the above photo on Easter of this year. The people and the dog are gone but the camera that photographed them is still documenting families.