I have no idea where or when I acquired this dusty Brownie Target Six-20.
I rediscovered it recently behind some other equally dusty things.

The camera dates from around 1950.  Kodacolor-X was manufactured from 1963 until 1974.

The Brownie Target would have been at least thirteen years old when the film was exposed.

This makes perfect sense to me. My parents had a Hawkeye Flash that saw service for decades. I won't pontificate on this observation.

- - -

I'd bet that the photographer was from some place that rarely, if ever, saw snow.
This is just a "dusting" as we say in the north. But it was enough to prompt three photos.

The car looked familiar to me but I couldn't retrieve its name from my gray matter.

At first I thought "Dodge." That's a "D" above the grill but the "O" didn't look right. So I rescanned that section of the negative at 600 dpi.

D-E, hmm. Dentyne ? No...that's gum.

Oh yeah ! DeSoto !

A 600 rescan revealed this. Firebird ? No, that's a Pontiac. Finedama ? No, that's nonsense.

I figured that car was from around 1956. So I Googled my way around and settled on a 1956 DeSoto Firedome.

The car is no doubt long gone. The photographer probably is too, but you aren't, and neither am I so glean something or other from all this.

Processed in HC110 (H)