The Zenith Sharpshooter is typical of sixty four year old 6x9 metal box cameras. It's metal, makes 6x9 images and is shaped like a box.

The Zenith could snap time if you wanted it to. I tried to snap myself back to being thirty but I checked myself in a mirror and it didn't work.

The Sharpshooter is missing its handle and shows significant signs of usage. Somebody documented the hell out his or her life with it.

There was an exposed roll of Verichrome Pan inside.

 - - -

Rolls of found film rarely contain the maximum amount of exposures allowed the film and camera combination.
The Sharpshooter provided for eight. This roll contained one and it's pictured above.

Nobody knows who these people were but I know where the camera is that photographed them. I don't know where it will be in the future. Probably part of something made in China.

- -
Undaunted by the poor showing, I loaded The Sharpshooter with Arista EDU 200 and walked around my house.

Fireplace Room

Living Room

Bed Room

Front Door

Gutter Hose

Bench on the Deck

For the interior shots I placed The Sharpshooter on a solid surface, leaned a 221 pound weight against the camera and used the "time" setting. I counted to five or something.