A kind person sent me this package of old exposed films. There are a few unused rolls too.  As is common with old films, a significant number of frames were unusable.

The first few frames seem to be documenting a funeral service. It's ironic that most of the people in these photographs have most likely had their own funeral services by now.

Dogs, ever faithful, have no need for celebrations of death.

Roll 1 - Verichrome

Everybody's aunt looked like these ladies in the 1940's and 1950's. The coffee table is nicely decorated but there's no room for coffee.

The bushes that this guy is watering are likely taller than the house today.

Roll 2 - Verichrome

One man's shack is another man's cabin.

Cinder blocks and trash barrel. I could probably sell this photograph to an art museum.

Roll 3 - Verichrome