Verichrome Pan


This roll is part of the Savoy-Kodacolor -X collection of found films.

I miss Verichrome Pan. It was my favorite film.


Parliament Hill - Ottawa, Ontario

There are about ten rolls of unprocessed film associated with what appears to be a family vacation. What the hell happened to cause them all to end up at my house ?

Notre Dame Basilica.

Is that a Pinto or a Vega ?

Each roll was nicely rewound and taped shut.

I believe this is the lady standing next to the pool in an earlier roll.

The sleek figure is a clue but those flattering sunglasses.... they seal the deal.

I assume that Dad took the photos in these rolls. I know he took this one. Not because I assume he was interested in tanks though.

If he'd had a digital camera there'd be a dozen shots of the.... tank.

You probably can't photograph Mounties today.

If this is say, 1974, the kids are pushing 50. The Mountie is either pushing a walker or daisies.

The photographer didn't bother to use swing nor  tilt.

Tempus fugit