The Savoy - Imperial Camera Chicgao, IL c1961

The Savoy is typical of cheap 1960's cameras. Futuristic,

available in several colors and sporting an "outer space"


This particular Savoy contained a roll of mysterious film

that warned the user to return it "only to the manufacturer"

for processing.  I didn't heed the warning.

This is the final shot on the roll. The rest of it blank and I think it tells us why.

The man in the plastic hat, standing next to the open door on that economy station wagon, is about to meet his maker.

That smug grin and the fact that he's tucking his shirt in are crucial clues to the meaning of the scene.

The man advancing from the rear is not happy with what he sees. His gaze is rivetted to the man next to the car.

The lady with her back to the camera is obviously dejected as she looks to the ground in shame.

I'm willing to bet that the photographer mysteriously vanished after this photograph.

This is frame number one.

Frame two.

These idyllic photos of apple trees hide the passion and sin that was so common among apple growers in the early 1960's. The next time you eat an apple, give pause to those that have stuggled under the weight of baskets of fruit. And those that tasted the forbidden fruit.