"Royal" by Herbert George

While not royal in any sense of the word, the Royal  body was the basis for no less than six different Herbert George cameras.

Pedestrian in every way, The Royal and it's siblings embody the "cheap camera."

Despite their low positions on the camera tree, they are capable of miracles.

This Royal came from New Castle, Delaware

 - - -

Birthday parties are the domain of the cheap camera. If the camera has a flash, all the better. The blinding light is part of the entertainment.

Is that kid on the right eating cotton candy or smoking something ?

Photographic disasters such as the one above appear in our family albums here and their.

When you had only twelve shots per roll of film, you kept damn near all of them.

These kids are playing checkers ! Checkers !  When was the last time you saw kids playing checkers ?

I wonder how many kids even know how to play checkers.

"Hey Ma.....gimmee some money !"

 - - - -