This roll of Ansco All-Weather came from the Royal camera featured earlier. I thought I was done with the Royal but not so. The roll must have fallen out of the box or something. I found it on a shelf near the box containing the Royal and its other rolls.

The large amount of lost photographs from the family that owned the Royal only deepens the question of why.

Family is important to those who find their families to be important and the photographer behind the Royal was certainly one of those people.

My found film adventures have covered quite a few years and the fascination and questions remain.What the hell happened ?

Satisfaction in life is measured by personal values. What may be valuable to me may be less so to you. There really isn't a right from wrong when it comes to values. I tend to gravitate to those that share my values and I try to understand those that don't.

I have a digital camera that has the capacity to store a thousand images. The Royal has a capacity of twelve. The photo documentation process took time and the Royal photographer considered the limitations of the process.

A baseball, a dump truck, a race car and a cake. Nobody seems to notice the smoke in the room.

Somebody, for whatever reason, lost these valuable things.