The Rediflex is an unremarkable camera from 1950. Typical of the cheap "TLR's" of the day, it's 99% Bakelite and hard as  calculus.

This sad example is missing an eye and has a chunk of its body missing. The shutter is rusted shut and the mirror is loose. No matter. It's still a treasure.

Photos produced from lost films remind me of my lost family members and the days with them. Cousins, full of youth and potential. Uncles that took me fishing.

I'm reminded of the fleeting nature of life and youth. Cousins, once young, are old now. In some cases, though they shared my blood, thno longer share life with me.

My own children are grown. Heading down the long path so well traveled by others before them.

Lost family photographs show our timeless love for our incredibly beautiful children. As adults we know the difficulties that await them. We treasure them and feel the bittersweetness of their growth.

Photographs freeze life's timeline for an instant. Then we careen off into the future.

We are remembered for such a short time. Two generations at best. Then we're gone. We are photographs in an album. Family names on stone.

We are all part of the same family. It doesn't matter what your name is. We're all the same.