Agfa Ansco No. 1A Readyset Royal (Ostrich Grain) 1925-1931

No ostriches were harmed while manufacturing these cameras. The covering is actually leather made to look like ostrich skin. There was a time when camera manufacturers tried to make their cameras look nice. Distinctive.

116 cameras could produce huge negatives which made up for some of the shortcomings of the lens

Birthday parties used to be simple events, Sugar and balloons were staples, along with a few hot dogs. Let the kids go nuts for a few hours.

This shocking photograph shows children roasting hot dogs or marshmallows. There appears to be no adult supervision. The kid on the right is about to ram a hot object into his mouth. Were there no laws in those days ?

Kool-Aid chuggin'.

  This is the last frame on the roll. I took this photo about two months ago in my backyard. It shows a small section of the remains of a party my youngest had before he went off to college. No adults were involved.

The bellows on the camera is full of pinholes.