My friend Roger, from Gloucester England, sent a roll of Ilford 620 film. The film came from an old Butcher Watch Pocket Carbine camera.

Here's the camera before Roger rebuilt it.

And after. The camera was manufactured from the 1910's - 1920.

As a kid, I remember watching strange symbols like these pass under the red window on my parents Brownie Hawkeye. Squares, circles and ghastly pointing fingers. I thought it was some kind of secret code.

As is often the case, the years were not kind to the Ilford 620.

This sweet lady is dressed for a walk. I'm willing to bet that most of the clothes she's wearing were made by the lady wearing them. There are important things in the basket she's carrying. The man behind her has just finished giving "the finger" to some impolite man that made a suggestive comment to the lady with the basket. Either that, or he's part of the cult that puts symbols on rollfilm paper.

As this military man posed, two women held a conversation behind him.


The "Collapsed Hammock" tragedy.

The many manufacturers of photographic equipment and film owe an overwhelming portion of their profits to children.

Kids are beautiful, and universally loved. You got kids ? You take pictures.


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