The internet has changed the world mostly for the good. Unless you're an encyclopedia salesman. But sellers of The Encyclopedia Britannica
are not the only casualties of the W.W.W., we all suffer a bit from the not-so-good changes it's brought about.

I believe were more socially inept as a result of all the texting and chatting and posting that goes on within the web and its associated devices.
Few people bother to write correctly these days. Spelling has suffered and politeness is not up to Emily Post's standards.

When I see old time traditions manifest themselves, it makes me feel good.

I received an email from "Jennifer" recently asking about processing a found family film, and of course I agreed to help. Being a sucker for rescuing family related films, I don't
charge for my meager services. My payment is the happiness it surely brings to see long gone friends and relations born again.

A few days later a package arrived with Jennifer's film in it. Also in the package was a handwritten card in a matching envelope. Jennifer also included a donation.

These sort of things let you know right away who you're dealing with. Jennifer went above and beyond what was required because that's what she thinks is the right thing to do.
She also placed her absolute trust in me by donating to someone she's never dealt with before.

Thanks Jennifer. You're a good person.

 - - -

I wish the photographs were of her parents or maybe her siblings but, well, dogs are cool too.