People often offer me rolls of film they've found. I never turn them down. I always press them for details about the film. I especially want to know what kind of cameras they come from.

This roll of Plenachrome came from a person in Georgia. The sender sent no details about the roll which was taped shut with electrical tape. Much of the paper backing was stuck to the film and took repeated washings to remove it. I'm amazed that I got what I did.

Frame 1. A good ol' family picnic. That's a nice T-Bird in front of that ugly wagon.

There's a camera on the table in this bucolic shot.  I know I have at least one just like it, but at present I'm unable to ID it.

  Horseshoes is a great game and I'm pretty good at it. It was a staple at family picnics for decades. It's a great game for many reasons. Not the least of which is it's compatibility with beer drinking.  The gent pitching the show is using a side grip. This causes the shoe to rotate one half turn and land hooked on the post in the pit. I prefer the back grip which causes the shoe to flip end over end, once. Sometimes.

I don't know what the moron to the right is laughing at. He's likely getting his ass kicked by the  older guy next to him.

Aunt Gertie Arrives

The men have been waiting for Gertie to arrive all day. Not because she's so hot, even though she sure as hell is ! Gertie always bings two quarts of Seagrams Seven with her.  Gert chooses her pocketbook very carefully when she does the family picnic thing.

The women-folk don't like Gertie. They call her a "hussy" behind her back.

Things went to hell after Gertie showed up.

I'm guessing this is an outhouse that the photographer is trying to get to. I hope he made it.

What the hell is the big deal about covered bridges ? People go nuts over them. They drive hundreds of miles to see them. They even drag their kids along . Kids just love covered bridges.

Hey, it's just a bridge with a box on top of it.

"Get another shot you drunk." "You're moving the camera all around !"

Oh yeah. That's much better.