People think that being a member of the found film in crowd is glamorous. Life is filled with wonderful discoveries, groupies
and exotic cameras. I assure you it's not.

It's dark down there and ancient film never behaves itself. It uncoils like a rattlesnake or falls apart like a Wal Mart suit.
Reels fall on the floor and roll across the pitch black room.

Even after you manage to coax a fifty year old roll of Plenachrome onto a processing reel you are reminded that most of the time your efforts will amount to nothing.

A previous owner opened the camera or somebody simply rolled the film onto the takeup spool without snapping a single shot.  Explosions of light streak across frames.  Dark shapes haunt your Verichrome.

The Ansco Plenachrome inside this mint Baby Brownie may look harmless to you, but I know better.
This particular roll was about as pliable as ribbon candy. I hate ribbon candy.
It spun off the spool like a pinwheel on crack.

This handsome Beacon II (c1947-1955) contained a roll of Verichrome. I like Verichrome. It holds up well and usually doesn't curl too much.

The two Whitehouse Products Beacons are classy looking cameras.

127 film always curls tighter that larger formats. This roll of Verichrome and the Plenachrome pictured previously were major pains in the ass.

I know, I know. You don't want to hear about labor pains. You want to see the baby.

- - - - - -

This is all I got for my struggles with the Plenachrome from the Baby Brownie. The last frame on the roll.
The rest of the negatives looked like the Rorschach tests the give candidates applying for admission to hell.

- -

The Beacon II produces 3x4cm  images on 127 film. It's a shame that 127 is all but gone.
Apparently the shooter liked barns too.

Those of us that live in places where it can snow like hell understand photo like this. No matter how many winters we endure, we can still be amazed at
massive snowfalls. It's enough to make us take out our Beacons.

That's not a rift in the drift, it's a crack in the chrome.

- -

 The photos below came from the Hawkeye Flash pictured at the start of this page.
They were on a roll of Kodacolor-X. I could tell you many stories about Kodacolor-X but you don't care.

Sometimes the images that I pull across the decades are simply boring.

They frequently document an equally boring vacation or day trip filled with bored people.
If you put a coin into that contraption on the right you can see some closeups of trees.

The woman at far left is not part of the sunglasses crew. She's worried that she's in the photograph as she's with her mailman.
Don't worry lady. It's all over now.

The dark suited figure retreating at left was, I believe, the aforementioned mailman. The four at right center are obviously together and obviously weird.
Why would Roy Orbison hang with such a group of dorks ?
As if it's not bad enough just being at this place, why make it worse by wearing a suit ?
The young man at the left of the group is leaning away from the guy in the suit. Is he suitman's son or is there something even worse afoot here ? Probably not. What could be worse than being suitman's son ?

Having been gifted with the ability to understand what's going on in a photograph is a double edged butter knife. At the far left you can see a man in a light colored shirt. He has his foot up on the fence and he's turned casually toward the woman with the crunchy hair. I don't think they came together.

"Hi, great view, isn't it ?"
"Where are you staying ?"

"Look at that !" "He just met her and now they're leaving together."

"My ass is itchy."