Kodak No. 2 Hawkeye Jr. 1932

The camera is equipped with a single finder and uses 120 roll film. It's about as simple a camera as you can find. The camera pictured on the left is near mint and even smells new. This model was made for only one year. It's 74 years old.

The film was rolled up tightly. Carefully sealed and placed back into the camera.

  Nature can change the landscape quickly and we love to document those changes with photographs.

Dogs love snow. The run in it, roll in it and generally act like a kid. Cat's, however do not love snow. The shake their paws after each step and don't venture more than a few feet from the door. 

The snow photos were the first shots on the roll. The camera was put away for somtime and pulled out for this parade around 1950. Somewhere in this group is a relative or friend of the photographer. We'll never know which one.

There's a little boy near the fence in the photo center. He's got an egg in his hand and eagerly awating his first sighting of the tuba.

I wonder if the owner of the Cadillac on the left knows that kids are sitting on his fender.

The tuba hasn't arrived yet, I think. There are two kids with the egger now. One appears to be  throwing something and the other appears to be losing his lunch. 

Native Americans have been treated badly throughout their history.  Even the SHOE SHOP is sneaking up on them.

Please don't send emails suggesting that I'm making light of  the plight of Native Americans.  I'm certainly not.