Number 2 Folding Cartridge Hawk-Eye - Model C 1926-1933

The model C came in a few colors and could take 120 rollfilm. Maybe I'll make a pinhole camera out of this one. I could get a pinhole from one of the dozens that dot the bellows on this old folder.

"Kodo" sounds like a good name for a dog. "Here, Kodo." "C'mon boy."

  Men like myself and "Pops" are used to being treated like cheap sex objects. Here, Pop is the victim of "grab ass."
This shot captures the fun loving nature of the pictured family. Pop removed his hat to better illuminate the photograph. That's his brother "Stretch" on his left. Stretch was a travelling salesman and sold rainwear door to door. Man ! I'll bet he had some stories.

The lady to the right was Pop's main squeeze after his wife fell into the hay baler the week before this shot was taken. 

You know what ? Shoes were a lot more sensible way back when.

Taking a picture of someone taking your picture was considered hysterically funny by these folks. You can see the mirth written all over their faces, can't you ? Pop's babe is about to fall over.

Looks like a little Kodak something or other.

It's appropriate that the final few frames seem to fade away, right ?

A man in a "Columbo" styled coat is shown in this frame. Maybe Pop's wife didn't fall into the baler after all. I can't see the guys right hand. Pops may be in for a baaad time with this guy.

I don't know.