Imperial Camera Corp

In the late fifties and early sixties America was absorbed by our  "Space Race" with the Soviets. Space related stuff popped up all over our country. Astro-Motels, Orbit Burgers and Satellite cameras are a few examples.

1964 was a hard year for Americans. We were still in shock over J.F.K. and that police action in Southeast Asia was beginning to trouble us. We wanted to forget. The Beatles were about to help us feel a little better.

Dressing up little girls in dance outfits continues to be a way of life in America. I'm the father of two boys so I missed that particular endeavour. I'm glad.

Old roll film frequently sticks to the backing paper and this is a good example of it. It's too bad. I'll bet that's a really sweet face on the right.

Thanks to Gary Lowell for identifying this as Blanton Hall at Truman University

No doubt two freshmen early in the school year. One with a camera, the other trying to look collegiate.

Life is full of possibilities at eighteen. You have less options later.

I think the woman on the left is holding a Polaroid Swinger camera. I had one of those. If the light was right the word "yes" was visible in the viewfinder. The other cameras are unidentifiable.

Young people are so beautiful. They glow with health and promise. It's a shame we can't go back now and then.

Being shoeless at college was very cool. You had to wear shoes in high school. That's a Joey Heatherton haircut.

Most likely this is the family paying the college bills. I think that's a poodle in moms arms. Everybody had encyclopediae in the 60's. There were door-to-door encyclopedia salesmen back then. One sold my parents a load of books one day. I thought they were pretty cool and they smelled smart.

Globes were popular too.

"I fall asleep, and have a dream. In it is the family"

"Nothing bad has happened yet."

"And everyone is happy."

"Mother and father, both still young."

"And naturally they love us."

"We're all lying on a lawn at night."

"Watching the stars above us......."


Loudon Wainwright III