The Canon F1 was Canon's professional SLR. Built to take it andavailable with many options. It remains a formidable camera.

My friend Mark bought one recently. He's not a camera collector but he recognizes quality when he sees it. Mark asked me
to have a beer with him and check out his F-1. When I pushed the film advance lever I saw that there was film in the
Canon. The frame counter was on #17 so I rewound the film and popped the camera open.

The F1 contained a roll of High-Definition Polaroid, C41 color film.

- - - - - -

Blurred and noisy images like the one above could be used by psychiatrists to analyze patients.
On the right I see a place kicker going for the extra point. To his left I see his team mate looking toward
the end zone. On the far left is a drunken fan in the process of neutering himself on cinder blocks.

You tell me.

No. This one could only get me in trouble. I decline comment.

I'm convinced that this guy knows the story but he's taking it to his grave.