The Low Percentage Business of Found Films

As the world continues its hurtle into the digital, the concept of light sensitive
materials is becoming more and more foreign to people. Permanency in all forms of
recording, be it light or sound is vanishing.

Many cameras arrive at my door containing light trashed film.  While  I appreciate the
spirit in which they are sent to me, the senders, more and  more  frequently
open the cameras to verify that they contain film.  The senders seem to
feel that film is some sort of magnetic storage device.

Such is the case with the three cameras shown below.


The Argus 75 is a very common camera from the late 40's and early fifties.
It's got one of the better taking lenses featured on cheap cameras.

The one shown at left contained a roll of  620 Perutz film, (ASA 100.) The number 8 showed in the red window.
 Perutz was manufactured in Germany.  The word "Peromnia" appears on the film label.


 PEROMNIA (n.) Of German derivation. Defintion: Film that behaves like an enraged snake when one attempts to guide it
onto a processing roll and contains no images other than the ones produced by the person that attempted to guide it onto
a processing spool.

March 12, 2009

Otto Perutz

The Adventurer 620 is also very common. There are about a half dozen different names for this camera which
was made by Herbert George in the 1950's. The Adveturer 620 has no "manfactured by" markings anywhere
on it.  The metallic purple shutter release button suggests an Ansco inbreeding. Anyway, it sure as hell clashes
with the bright red film advance knob.


The roll of Ansco All Weather further supports my Ansco theory. Apparently the name "All Weather"
didn't include the weather that this roll was subjected to. The film was brittle and broke
while I threaded it onto a reel.

Once a dog. Now dust.

Maybe skating in New Jersey.


  Another victim of a ham fisted handler, this No. 2 Agfa Ansco arrived with the back open.

One mans rust is another mans patina.

  Brothers and Grandpa sat before the rusted hulk pictured above.

 Low percentage. High reward.