Some time ago I got an email asking about processing a found family film. The film arrived,  postmarked "London" with no return address of any sort.

The original email disappeared like so many digital things do and will continue to do. I have no way of contacting the sender.

- Verichrome Pan -

 - -

Dad, I'll bet. Dad would be about eighty today.

Fifty years ago, in 1963, England was a cool place to be if you liked rock music.
The "British Invasion" turned the world on its musical and philosophical head.

Dad looks like a Mod to me.

I'll bet she liked Paul the best.

On English beaches, one frequently wears a sweater.

Mum, most likely.

Mum looks to be a Rocker. Shades of Dusty Springfield or Cilla Black.

I hope the guy from London sees these lost photos.

- - -