Weed, NM via Lenexa, KS
Rolls, 7, 8, and Plenachrome

Ed, from Lenexa, reported that the Brownie Hawkeye Flash was likely responsible for the 620 and 120 rolls in the box of forgotten films. Of course, I knew right away that the BHF (that's what we collectors call the Brownie Hawkeye Flash) used 620 film, so the 120
couldn't have come from the BHF.  Ed is not a collector and he lives in Kansas. Need I say more ?

I suppose I should clarify some of the above so I don't get thousands of emails correcting me. The BHF can fit 120 on the feed side, but a 620 spool is required on the take-up side. Since one of the rolls was on a 120 spool, that eliminated the BHF as the responsible camera.

Are you still awake ?

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When I pulled the films from the processing tank I noted that the 120 rolls featured 6x9 images. The BHF produces 6x6 images (except maybe in Weed, NM.) Again, the guy from Kansas was mistaken. It seems we'll never know what camera(s) produced the 6x9 images.

I used the BHF photos anyway because I like them and it's possible that the 620 came from a BHF.

The reflector on the BHF, when coupled with a Sylvania P25 flashbulb was know to set hair on fire at a distance of five meters.

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Kodak made zillions of BHF cameras.  They made far less BH cameras. They're more collectable but I don't have one and I don't really care that I don't.

Kodak produced ten zillion rolls of Verichrome and Verichrome Pan. I have some of each. Kodak doesn't make either anymore and that sucks. It was my favorite film.

 Plenachrome was made by Agfa. It's gone too.

I apologize to Ed for poking fun at him above. When you look at these rescued photos you'll realize he comes from good stock. I can personally attest that the man is no dummy.

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The Plenachrome 6x9's
(Not from the BHF)

Long ago there was no internet. Cameras took eight pictures and there were two television channels  if you were lucky.

Bicycles had big tires and no transmissions.

You played outside.

I'll stop editorializing now. If you're looking at these photographs I don't need to pontificate.