From Lenexa, Kansas

I received this box of lost film quite some time ago. Things got in the way and it languished on the shelf for far too long. I apologize to the sender.

These rolls were numbered 1, 4 and 7. Roll 1 was unusable.

The sender supplied this photograph of the suspected camera.

 - - -

The sender says these photos were taken in Weed, New Mexico. Really. I'm not making that up.

When you think of bus photography, you think of Weed, New Mexico. Right ?

Either a fast break or a fire.

"I know we're down 27 points with thirty seconds to go, but Weed never gives up !"

Attention and indifference.

Go Weed ! Go !

 - - -

Idyllic scenes of livestock abound across America's heartland.

Then one encounters something like this.

Disturbing and puzzling. Sinister and mysterious.

I'm glad that's the end of that roll.

 - - -