Kodak Tourist 1948 - 1951 - Folding camera for 620 film. From Arizona to Massachusetts.

 The shot you see at left is not the first shot I took for this webpage. The first shot is shown below.

Nothing broke. Let's see that happen with your expensive freakin' digital.


I can't count the candles but I think Greg is about eight. My kids were that age two weeks ago. Now they're in college.

I think Greg's getting a transistor radio in this lost photograph. It looks like there's an earphone included with the radio. I remember when such things were wicked cool. No tubes, no warm up. Switch it on an you could hear Bobby Darin. I'll bet Greg's jeans had cuffs.

  About a quarter of Greg's cake is gone in this photograph. Greg is sucking up somethin' good. Melted ice cream is my guess.

That focusing thing can be a bitch to remember.

Jump ahead about fifty years

I loaded the camera with modern film and exposed a roll in my town. Many miles an many years away from the shots above.